Just Another Love Poem

People in love claim it is the best feeling Those without a partner, have fun for a while, and then gloominess If love is not important God will not allow it, or it will not exist if you don’t believe in God I have felt love, I think, and I know heartbreak, I am sure […]

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I Will Not Celebrate

Until my nation beams of unity not discord I will not celebrate I will not celebrate tribalism I will not celebrate nepotism I will not celebrate ethnic divide I will not celebrate O I will not celebrate I will not celebrate unless my brother accept me as a brother I will not celebrate until I […]

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I was told to write an inspirational post. I said I can and I have. She said more like an encouraging post; about not to give up in life. I was deeply touched. I felt like one who is lost, because I believed I wrote in an inspirational theme for some of my posts. She […]

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Religion is Biased

Humanity is biased. The questions I ponder on about religion; if I was born a Muslim, can I say Christianity is the religion? If I were born a Catholic, can I say Pentecostal is the truth? Bias I say, bias. Every religion lay claim to God and the notorious ones are Christians, Jews and Muslims. […]

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My Appraisal of Love

Love, a subject everyone has a say on. An object of pleasure and hurt. Sacrifice is inextricably connected to love. The most used phrase between couples and lovers “I love you”. The phrase is truth and lie. We all have felt love for someone or something, and have been loved by someone or something. We […]

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Dear Asarnd

Dear Asarnd, I am falling in love My heart has got a beat It is beating the drums She is not like the rest She has something else Though I cannot describe I know it makes me smile I want to stay here for a while and go wild You will call me crazy I […]

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Awakening Sleep

Trying to sleep is impossible. It is like I am bound by her bond. I close my eyes and she stares at me. In admiration I consciously gaze into her eyes. I told her you can see love in our eyes. She replied love in our eyes, I don’t think so. I am trying to […]

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